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our mission

The mission of our Pharmacy Services is to work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to provide optimal pharmaceutical care to all patients, to enhance pharmaceutical knowledge through emerging educational and practical activities in the field of pharmacy, and to promote positive patient outcomes.

our vision

Our Pharmacy Services will provide optimal patient medications and improve patient outcomes to meet or exceed customer expectations. Our Pharmacy will be recognized for quality and diversity of services, professional’s leadership, Pharmaceutical excellence. We will advance the accessibility of pharmacy services through the innovative use of personnel and technology. Employees will work together to provide higher customer satisfaction.

our Objectives

Improve patient services and provide the highest standards of pharmaceutical care.

Enhance collaborative approach to medication safety among all disciplines.

Provide exceptional services with customer satisfaction at lowest | Fair Price.

Intergrade new technological developments which improve efficiency and safety in medicine.

Promote activities to improve patient medication and the quality of care.

Expand and promote excellence in pharmacy services.